HONG KONG/WARSAW - Filipino workers are increasingly being lured by word of mouth as well as social media accounts promoting jobs in Poland. 

The first two parts of the investigative project, which were published on Al Jazeera, show how dozens of Filipino migrant workers in various locations – including Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Qatar – were promised jobs in Poland that haven’t materialised. Despite paying thousands of dollars in fees, these workers fear they won’t ever be able to reach the Eastern European country or get their money back.

The stories delve into how migrant workers fell prey to agencies and individual recruiters working across multiple countries.

© 📸 Xyza Cruz Bacani

Team members

Raquel Carvalho

Raquel Carvalho (Hong Kong) is an independent journalist who has covered Asia for about 15 years.

Raquel Carvalho

Dan Archer

Dan Archer (UK) has been working as a graphic journalist for over a decade.

Dan Archer

Xyza Cruz Bacani

Xyza Cruz Bacani (born in the Philippines) is an award-winning photographer based in New York.

Xyza Cruz Bacani

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