THE MEDITERRANEAN – They're getting bigger, more luxurious and more intimidating. In recent years, superyachts have become one of the preferred ways for the ultra-rich to flaunt their immense means. Problem: these vessels are also an environmental disaster. 

There's the pollution caused by the boats themselves, from exhaust emissions to the use of antifouling paints containing harmful substances. Then there's the pollution caused by boaters' behavior of boaters: discharge of dirty water, garbage, detergents.

In recent years, all those concerned about the environmental impact of yachting have turned their attention underwater. More precisely, on an aquatic plant : the posidonia. Posidonia meadows are the lungs of the sea. Their oxygen production per square meter can exceed that of the Amazon rainforest. This extremely important Mediterranean ecosystem is under threat. Over the last 50 years, Posidonia meadows have declined by 34% overall, due to pollution, coastal development and, above all... boat mooring.

Team members

Léonor Lumineau

Léonor Lumineau is a French journalist and photojournalist based in Marseille. 

Léonor Lumineau

Margherita Nasi

Margherita Nasi is a French-Italian journalist based in Paris.

Margherita Nasi

Sylvain Mignot

Sylvain Mignot is a data researcher, digital rights activist, facilitator & trainer.

Sylvain Mignot
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