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Alberto Cairo

Alberto Cairo is a journalist and designer with many years of experience leading graphics and visualization teams in several countries.

Amanda Cox

Amanda Cox is an American journalist and head of special data projects at USAFacts.

Craig McKune

Craig McKune is Craig is a South African analyst and media consultant focussed on climate change and financial transparency.

Craig Silverman

Craig Silverman is an award-winning journalist and author and one of the world's leading experts on online disinformation, fake news, and digital investigations.

Craig Silverman

Crina Boros

Crina Boros is a London-based, award-winning, freelance data-driven investigative reporter and an international journalism trainer.

Edouard Perrin

Edouard Perrin is an investigative reporter since 1997. In 2011 he joined Premières Lignes, an independent tv production and news agency based in Paris.

Edouard Perrin

Fiona Macleod

Fiona Macleod is a seasoned investigative environmental journalist, who heads up Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism.

Fouad Youcefi

Fouad Youcefi is a reporter at SVT Nyheter's foreign editorial office, and host of SVT's Politikbyrån.

Fouad Youcefi

Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees is senior developer and transparency programme lead at mySociety.

Gareth Rees

Gwen Lister

Gwen Lister, Namibia, is the founder of The Namibian, executive chair of the Namibia Media Trust which publishes The Namibian and a World Press Freedom Hero award recipient from the International Press Institute.

Gwen Lister

Helena Bengtsson

Helena Bengtsson is data journalism editor at Gota Media, a regional publishing company in the south of Sweden with 13 local titles.

Irene Caselli

Irene Caselli is the founder of The First 1,000 Days, a fully reader-supported newsletter that covers early childhood.

Irene Caselli

John-Allan Namu

John-Allan Namu is an investigative journalist and the CEO of Africa Uncensored, an investigative and in-depth journalism production house in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Khadija Sharife

Khadija Sharife is an investigative writer and researcher based in South Africa.

Laurent Richard

Laurent Richard is a French investigative reporter and a producer and co-founder of the French inquiry magazine Cash Investigation.

Lindita Çela

Lindita Çela is an investigative reporter based in Albania, known and awarded for her uncompromising investigations into corruption scandals and organized crime, including the problem of human trafficking in Europe.

Lindita Çela

Lionel Faull

Lionel Faull is a reporter for Finance Uncovered. He has worked on several award-winning team investigations, including the GuptaLeaks in 2017 and the Panama Papers in 2016.

Louises Crow

Louise Crow is a programme director at mySociety, leading work across its Transparency and Climate programmes.

Louise Crow

Maarten Lambrechts

Maarten is a data journalist, data designer and visualization consultant.

Margot Gibbs

Margot Gibbs is an investigative journalist specialising in UK facilitation of corruption, natural resources and the environment.

Nancy Porsia

Nancy Porsia is an award-winning freelance journalist and acknowledged expert on Libya, based in Italy.

Nick Mathiason

Nick Mathiason is a founder and Co-Director of Finance Uncovered.

Nils Hanson

Nils Hanson is an awarded freelance investigative editor for and former editor-in-chief of Swedish public broadcaster SVT’s Mission Investigate.

Nils Hanson

Oliver Schröm

Oliver Schröm is an award-winning investigative journalist and bestselling author living in Hamburg, Germany.

Patrick Boehler

Patrick Boehler leads digital strategy at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Patrick Boehler

Paula Fray

Paula Fray is an African feminist storyteller.

Paula Fray

Pavla Holcová

Pavla Holcová is an investigative journalist and founder of investigace.cz, based in Prague.

Pramod Acharya

Pramod Acharya is a freelance journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has experience in investigative reporting, data journalism, and multimedia content production. 

Rana Sabbagh

Rana Sabbagh is co-founder of the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism network (ARIJ) and currently works as senior MENA Investigations Editor for OCCRP.

Roel Landingin

Roel Landingin is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Philippines, an online business news website.