Aiganysh Aidarbekova joined Bellingcat in 2018 as an OSINT researcher and trainer from Kyrgyzstan. She conducts open source investigations ranging from corruption to flight tracking.

Aiganysh is particularly interested how the open data of state structures can be used to detect corruption.

Her recent works include QAnon conspiracies in Eastern Europe, conflict research in Tajikistan against minority populations and the invasion of Ukraine. Aiganysh is also part of Bellingcat’s TechTeam project which specializes in data driven investigations and tool development.

Aiganysh Aidarbekova

Basic information

Aiganysh Aidarbekova
Open Source Investigator & Trainer
Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

Mentor for

The exploitation of Bangladeshi beach vendors in Italy

  • Exploitation
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

MONDELLO - Every year millions of European tourists crowd Italy's diverse beaches, visiting ancient seaside towns and bathing in the Mediterranean Sea’s warm, azure waters. But while some enjoy themselves among the colourful parasols and picture-perfect scenery, others are fighting for survival.

The Migrant Farm Workers on the Frontline of Europe’s Climate Crisis

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Exploitation
  • Migration

CAMPOBELLO DI MAZARA –  Bearing the brunt of deadly heat waves and extreme weather, migrant farm workers in Italy and Spain are on the frontline of Europe’s climate emergency. While the media has focused on the impact of rising temperatures on European citizens, hundreds of thousands of migrant labourers in Italy and Spain toil away in 45°C temperatures picking olives, harvesting tomatoes, planting seeds, and irrigating crops. 

Water Parasites Victims: Rome and Istanbul's Effects on Regional Water Resources

  • Environment
  • Exploitation

ROME - As big cities try to cope with population growth, climate change, and more frequent droughts, the grasping for available water sources wears out small communities and ecosystems.

Federico Ambrosini