Journalismfund Europe is an intermediary where innovation and entrepreneurship are self-evident. We help to grow ideas that arise within but also outside our walls, until they have a solid foundation to lead a life of their own.

In recent years, we have been particularly interested in helping to initiate young European networks of investigative journalists. As an incubator we can play an important role in the start-up phase before a group of journalists actually decides to set up a separate legal entity.

Investigate Europe

Investigate Europe is a team of nine experienced journalists from eight European countries who research as a multinational team. They share, merge and crosscheck facts – tackling the usual national bias. They point out responsible transnational structures and actors in issues of European-wide relevance to make it possible to hold those in power accountable.

European Investigative Collaborations

The purpose of the European Investigative Collaborations or EIC.Network is the joint reporting and publication of investigative journalism with a focus on European topics to understand how power structures affect European communities.

Flemish Journalism Fund

The Flemish Journalism Fund was launched in September 2018 with the specific purpose of offering future-oriented support for independent, high-quality and innovative journalism in Flanders. It was a collaboration between Journalismfund Europe, the Flemish Journalists Association VVJ and the Flemish Government.

The European Investigative Journalism Conference - Dataharvest

The European Investigative Journalism Conference & Dataharvest was incubated by Journalismfund Europe for a decade (2008-2018) before it became independent. The conference is a place for people to meet, exchange skills and ideas and, ideally, collaborate on stories. 

European Corruption Observatory

This two-year project (2014-2016) was centred on a new monitoring platform - the “European Corruption Observatory” – and brought together journalists and anti-corruption campaigners from across the EU to encourage pan-European tracking of corruption-related news and fostered awareness of corruption trends amongst the media, civil society and policy makers.

The project was coordinated by Transparency International Liaison Office to the European Union and financed by the European Commission.

Study commissioned by the European Parliament

Can investigative journalism be instrumental in the detection of and fight against corruption and fraud with EU funds, and if so, how?

A major study commissioned by the European Parliament from Journalismfund Europe (at that time The Pascal Decroos Fund) examines the extent and content of investigative reporting on European expenditures and revenue, and the effect and impact of investigative stories.

Wobbing Europe

Wobbing Europe was a project of Journalismfund Europe (at that time The Pascal Decroos Fund). It was initiated in 2007. The main aim was to advance and facilitate the use of freedom of information legislation for journalistic research in Europe.

SciMingo vzw

ScimMingo vzw (formerly known as Scriptie vzw) was incubated by Journalismfund Europe for four years (2001-2005) before it became independent. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting science & technology and stimulating science communication in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

Post-graduate Investigative Journalism

The post-graduate degree in investigative journalism (organised since 2004) is an initiative of Thomas More (Mechelen, Belgium) and Journalismfund Europe. was an online competition that challenges everybody to make a movie of 60 seconds about the European Union.