Driven by independence, transparency, collaboration, responsiveness and innovation.

  • Independent. We operate independently from any political or economic influences, donors or other interests. We respect the editorial independence of the journalists and media we work with. Our key innovation was the setup of an independent, anonymous jury to assess applications and allocate funds for journalists and media.
  • Transparent. Our board, staff members, partners and the general public know what we stand for, how we operate and make decisions. We ask those we work with to be equally transparent. We are aware that transparency in the context of investigative journalism can expose people to risk and are therefore mindful of our requirements.
  • Collaborative. Collaboration empowers. It amplifies the impact of journalists and journalism. Our willingness and ability to collaborate with key stakeholders in our field strengthens our strategies. Collaboration within and between our organisational structures strengthens our operations.
  • Responsive. We act on the needs and interests of journalists and donors. We adapt to changing external and internal opportunities and threats. We walk our talk.
  • Innovative. We propagate new journalistic methods and skills. We encourage creative thinking and are willing to try new approaches.