Journalismfund Europe, formerly known as the Pascal Decroos Fund was founded in 1998 initially to further quality and investigative journalism in the Dutch-language media in Belgium and abroad. On 22 January 2013, the Pascal Decroos Fund officially took over the name of its European activity and became Journalismfund Europe. A summary of the developments the organisation went through since it was founded in 1998. Read more about our history here.

The Board of Directors

The management and governance of the non-profit organisation is exercised by the Board of Directors. This governing body has authority over the management of the business side, representation of the non-profit organisation (including drafting contracts), preparation of the accounts of the past year and the budget of the following year (to be approved by the General Assembly), ... It is qualified for all matters, except the ones the law explicitly reserves for the General Assembly.

The Day-to-Day Management

The day-to-day management includes actions and decisions that do not go beyond the needs of the daily life of the organisation, as well as actions and decisions that, either because of their minor importance or because of their urgency, do not justify the intervention of the Board of Directors.
The Board has entrusted the day-to-day management of the organisation, as well as the representation of the organisation with regard to that management to the managing director.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest authority in the organisation. It consists of the founding members or later the members of the general assembly. The members are given a great deal of freedom to draw the statutes of the organisation. The General Assembly can, among other things, decide on amendments to the articles of association, appointment and removal of directors, approval of accounts and budgets, the dissolution of the organisation, etc.. It is chaired by the chairman of the Board of Directors, or else the oldest of the members present.

The International Advisory Board

To safeguard its firm roots in the European investigative journalism community and as a source of good advice, Journalismfund Europe has an International Advisory Board to turn to. It consists of representatives from associations and centers for investigative journalism and other esteemed individuals in the community. Advisory board members themselves can not apply for our journalism working grants.