Bram Ebus is a Dutch criminologist and investigative journalist reporting from Colombia and Venezuela.

He has written for The Guardian, Vice News, Newsweek and Al Jazeera. He is experienced in fieldwork, qualitative and quantitative research, and has also worked as the lead journalist for an award winning interactive media production on mining conflicts in Venezuela. 

Bram is also a consultant for International Crisis Group and IUCN NL.

Originally a social scientist with degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, he earned a master degree from the University of Utrecht in Global Criminology with a focus on environmental and state-corporate crimes.

Bram Ebus

Basic information

Bram Ebus
Investigative journalist and criminologist
Environment, resource conflicts, organised crime, border instability, state-corporate crimes, Latin America

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Toxic gold - French Guiana's Illegal Mines

  • Environment
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PARAMARIBO - The dream of gold is driving tens of thousands of Brazilians into the rainforest on the EU border between Suriname and French Guiana. They leave behind contaminated rivers and shattered illusions. Almost no one wins.

Suriname French Guyana gold mines