Dan Archer has been working as a graphic journalist for over a decade since graduating from the Center of Cartoon Studies in 2009 with an MFA in Cartooning. 

His work focuses on human rights-related topics and he uses illustrated reportage and comics to protect the anonymity of his interviewees. His graphic journalism has been featured by the BBC, Vice, the US State Dept, CNN and Associated Press among others.

He was a John S. Knight Fellow (2011), Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow (2015) and Tow Digital Media Fellow (2017) during which he explored interactive immersive non-fiction storytelling. 

His debut graphic novel, Voices from Nepal: Uncovering human trafficking through comics journalism will be published by University of Toronto Press in June 2024.

Dan Archer

Basic information

Dan Archer
Graphic journalist
Human trafficking, migration, human rights
United Kingdom

Supported projects

Perilous New Pathways

  • Exploitation
  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

HONG KONG/WARSAW - Filipino workers are increasingly being lured by word of mouth as well as social media accounts promoting jobs in Poland.