BRUSSELS - You never wear one third of the clothes in your wardrobe. Another third you rarely ever put on. You have not touched nine out of ten outfits for a whole year. You throw away more clothes than any other European. And yet you keep buying new clothes. Because you feel that you need them. Because every morning you wake up and think you have nothing to wear.

After all, that's what the fashion industry wants you to believe. Brands introduce new collections, on average, every six weeks. Some do that every day. Protesting this, journalist Sarah Vandoorne decided to wear just six garments for six weeks. What started as a playful protest grew into a year-long investigation in which she scrutinised every part of the global textile supply chain. Where do our clothes come from? How are they made? Who makes them and where do they end up when we don't want them (anymore)? From Belgium and the Netherlands over Morocco, Indonesia and Ghana to India and Bangladesh, Sarah goes on a quest looking for the origin and value of our clothes. And she wants to take you with her

Team members

Sarah Vandoorne

Sarah Vandoorne is a Belgian editor and freelance journalist.

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