KIRUNA - This investigation sheds light on what lies beneath the EU’s ‘green mining’ ambitions, and offers a unique perspective on the continent’s quest for critical raw materials, such as lithium, nickel, copper and rare earth elements needed for the future.

Critical raw materials are essential for wind and solar installations, defence, as well as our phones and laptops. The demand for them will only rapidly increase, for there is no “climate neutrality” ahead without them. That is why Europe wants to revive its mining sector, in order to both meet its green targets and reduce its dependency on China and elsewhere.

This investigation sheds light on what lies beneath the EU’s ‘green mining’ ambitions, and offers a unique pan-European perspective on the continent’s quest for critical raw materials. 

Photo credit: Alexia Barakou

Project overview by Investigate Europe

Team members

Attila Kálmán

Attila Kálmán is an investigative and political journalist from Budapest.

Attila Kálmán

Amund Trellevik

Amund Trellevik is an experienced Norwegian journalist.

Amund Trellevik

Maren Saeboe

Maren Sæbø is an award-winning Norwegian freelance journalist.

Maren Saeboe

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is a web-editor for Investigate Europe. 

Chris Matthews, web-editor, Investigate Europe

Ingeborg Eliassen

Ingeborg Eliassen is an experienced journalist from Norway.

 Ingeborg Eliassen

Wojciech Cieśla

Wojciech Ciesla (Poland) is member of Investigate Europe team.

Wojciech Cieśla

Fundacja Reporterów

Fundacja Reporterów – the Reporters Foundation, one of the first journalistic NGO’s in Poland.

Fundacja Reporterów

Investigate Europe

A cross-border team of reporters, editors and producers, Investigate Europe (based in Berlin) delivers in-depth investigative journalism from a changing Europe.

Investigate Europe


Founded in 2018, the Center for Investigative Journalism (SUJO) at the University of Bergen is the first one of its kind in the Nordic region.

SUJO Senter for undersøkende journalistikk
€37.100, allocated on 23/05/2023



  • The EU27


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