Amund Trellevik has nearly 20 years of experience in journalism, from local press to national media.

He has worked with, and in, Russia and the former Soviet Union for 15 years. Journalistic experience from public broadcasting NRK, the online newspaper High North News, regional Nordlys, and the national newspapers Dagsavisen, Aftenposten, and Dagbladet, among others. Has specialized expertise in Arctic society and politics, human rights and freedom of expression, and east-west relations. Has long worked with media freedom and the safety of journalists and the conditions for critical and investigative journalism.

Amund is also Chairman of Barents Press Norway.

Graduated Bachelor of journalism from Oslo Metropolitan University, Russian language from the University of Oslo.

Amund Trellevik

Basic information

Amund Trellevik
Arctic sociery, human rights, East-West relations, Russia, media freedon

Supported projects

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OXFORD – Fuelling academia: OpenDemocracy and Investigate Europe find that Europe’s leading universities have received at least €260 million from fossil fuel giants and taken advice on degree curricullae. 

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Mine games: Europe’s hunt for critical raw materials

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KIRUNA - This investigation sheds light on what lies beneath the EU’s ‘green mining’ ambitions, and offers a unique perspective on the continent’s quest for critical raw materials, such as lithium, nickel, copper and rare earth elements needed for the future.

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