BERLIN - For almost four years, left-wing politicians, mostly of Kurdish origin, have been receiving death threats from social media accounts that share the far-right ideology of the Turkish Ülkücü (Grey Wolves) movement.

As a follow-up to another investigation we conducted in 2022, in which we identified the person behind the death threats, we now look at how the German security and judicial authorities, at both state and federal level, have dealt with the series of death threats against their citizens. They have been dealing with the series of threats for years and have identified at least 40 cases where people in Germany have been threatened by a Turkish nationalist.

The Turkish authorities have been reluctant to cooperate with the German authorities in this matter. The state appears powerless, according to an investigation by the German newspaper taz and the German government's response to a parliamentary question. For the recipients of the death threats, this means that their safety in Germany is still not guaranteed.

Team members

Nora Belghaus

Nora Belghaus is a journalist who works for the German national newspaper taz, die tageszeitung in Berlin.

Nora Belghaus

Volkan Ağar

Volkan Ağar is a journalist who works for the German national newspaper taz, die tageszeitung in Berlin.

Volkan Ağar

Ali Çelikkan

Ali Çelikkan is a freelance journalist based in Berlin.


Oliver Schröm

Oliver Schröm is an award-winning investigative journalist and bestselling author living in Hamburg, Germany.

Oliver Schröm
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  • Morddrohungen ohne Konsequenzen, Taz.de 29/11/2023

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