BRUSSELS - Open your tap and close it again. The water you just saw was yours for two seconds before draining again. But what do you know about that water? Where does it come from and where does it go? And how long will it continue to flow from the tap?

In Weg van water, Toon Verlinden and Marjolein Vanoppen take you on a journey through Belgium to answer those questions. They go out with divers who swim in sewers, dig a sand castle in Ostend and drink a very special glass of water in Kuurne. And along the way, they discover that our rainy land is much drier than we might think.

Cover: © Studio Lannoo

Team members

Toon Verlinden

Toon is a science and travel journalist, an international presentation coach and a (former) water researcher.

Marjolein Vanoppen

Marjolein is a bio-engineer with a mission and has been a water researcher at Ghent University for 10 years.

€ 3.910 allocated on 26/03/2021.

BOOK (in Dutch)

  • Title: Weg van Water
    Subtitle: Op reis door België (z)onder water
    Pages: 240
    Date of publication: 17/05/2021
    EAN: 9789401475907
    Nur-code: 934
    Editor: Academia Press
    Edition: 1


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