KYIV - Journalismfund supported Internews Ukraine for a project that aims to increase the awareness of the public and decision makers in Ukraine and in Europe about ecological issues emerging from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Through a short-form training/mentoring program, this project facilitated the coverage of warfare ecology issues by Ukrainian journalists. 48 materials were produced and published. These are 5 highlights of their project according to their authors:

1- A base for future investigations

Through an online discussion and a small grants program, this project facilitated the coverage of warfare ecology issues by Ukrainian journalists. As a result of this 48 materials were produced and published, drawing much-needed attention to ecological issues in Ukraine during the war and creating a base for future investigations of the effects of Russia’s invasion on the environment of Ukraine.

2- Findings and impact

For example, one of the participants wrote an article entitled “Drop by drop: how contaminated water kills”, showing that the citizens of Kropyvnytskiy found out how drinking water from local wells and springs harmfully impacts their health. Many readers, primarily mothers of children, contacted the editorial office to get more in-depth information. Also, these women told journalists that in the Maternity hospital, they even were asked to sign a special document that obliges mothers of new-born children to give them only filtered water because of the water contamination in Kropyvnytskyi wells and springs. 

At the same time, three investigations on the negative impact of the Russian invasion on the environmental situation in Mykolaiv Oblast were conducted and published by local media (the Suspilne Mykolayiv TV channel, the Hubernsʹkyi tyzhden and the Yuzhnaya pravda)

3- Challenges

Despite the challenges caused by the team’s stay in the temporarily occupied territory, they succeeded in preparing exclusive media materials filled with comments, photos, and even caption videos. Also, it is worth noting that 11 out of 48 materials prepared within the small grants program include comments from experts who participated in an online discussion conducted in May. 

4- Feedback 

After the program, the participants left a positive feedback. For example: 

Our articles help to attract attention to the current environmental challenges and threats inside and outside Ukraine”.

“As a continuation of my materials topic covered within the Program, I’m currently preparing new articles on the environmental damage caused by Russia’s missile attacks in Vinnytsia Oblast. Thank you.”


Internews Ukraine

Internews Ukraine is an organisation that has expertise in media, communications, education, and consulting. Serving the Ukrainian society has been the enduring priority since 1996.

Internews Ukraine
€22.965 granted dd. 21/12/2021

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