BRUSSELS - What happened to Dieumerci Kanda? Six years ago, the Angolan man entered a Brussels police station to report his missing wallet. For no apparent reason, he is arrested and locked up in a cell. Three hours later he's dead. The official explanation is that he killed himself. But isn't there more to it?

Janine Meijer reconstructs the last hours of Dieumerci Kanda's life on the basis of interviews with his family, the police, lawyers, the analysis of the judicial file and a visit to the police station.

Read the story behind Janine Meijer's investigation here.

Those with questions about suicide can contact the Suicide Line on the toll-free number 1813 and on the website www.zelfmoord1813.be.

Image: ©Janine Meijer

Team members

Janine Meijer

Janine Meijer (°1974) is a Dutch freelance journalist. 

€ 5.000 allocated on 23/11/2020.


Zelfdoding in een Brussels politiecel, Apache magazine, 15/06/2021.


VN veroordeelt structureel racisme bij Belgische politie, Apache, 16/06/2021.


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