MALMÖ - In 1994, the world’s first oat milk company was born in Sweden. 

Three decades later, Oatly is on a high-stakes mission to defeat the dairy industry – by growing into the biggest plant-based brand the world has ever seen. 

Can a start-up from Malmö save us all through capitalism? This is the first episode in a three-part series, ‘The Oatly Chronicles’. This week we’re asking: just how much damage is our dairy addiction doing to the planet? 

An innovative investigative podcast mini-series exploring the ethics and sustainability of the oat milk industry, produced in the style of the hugely popular ‘true crime’ genre. With a generous portion of tongue-in-cheek humour, listeners will engage through a deep investigation of how Oatly touches upon some of the most urgent societal challenges of our times. From climate change, to the financialization of the housing market, to whether capitalism can ever be green, Oatly has it all.

The three-part investigation will air in the popular feed of The Europeans, an award-winning weekly podcast about European current affairs, and via two other outlets.

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Team members

Katz Laszlo

Katz Laszlo is a freelance radio reporter based in The Netherlands.

Katz Laszlo

Katy Lee

Katy Lee is a British-French print and audio journalist based between Paris and London.

Katy Lee

Wojciech Oleksiak

Wojciech Oleksiak is a Polish radio producer, podcaster, composer and sound designer.

Wojciech Oleksiak

Margot Gibbs

Margot Gibbs is an investigative journalist based in London.

Margot Gibbs
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