DUBLIN/LONDON - The local authorities of Tower Hamlets in London and Drumcondra/Finglas in Dublin have been rolling out neighbourhood transport schemes to reduce car use and adapt their transport systems to favour greener modes of travel.

Research has shown that the introduction of Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and Active Travel Infrastructure (ATI) has reduced pollution, congestion and crime in communities. However, the investigation indicates that these schemes have predominantly been introduced to middle-class areas.

By mapping the existence of ATI and LTNs against the deprivation index this project establishes whether there is a correlation between the wealth of a community and its ability to implement car-reduction schemes. If a correlation is established, the project will decipher the reasons why.


Photo credit: Sam Tranum

Team members

Cormac Kehoe

Cormac has worked as Deputy Editor and Community Reporter for Whitechapel LDN. 

Cormac Kehoe

Sam Tranum

Sam Tranum is a reporter, deputy editor and co-founder of Dublin Inquirer.

Sam Tranum

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