Nicolas Kayser-Bril is a French data journalist based in Berlin.

He pioneered new forms of journalism in France and in Europe and is one of the leading experts on data journalism. He regularly speaks at international conferences, teaches journalism in French journalism schools and gives training sessions in newsrooms.

Nicolas Kayser-Bril pioneered the concept of data-driven journalism in continental Europe. A self-taught journalist and developer (and a graduate in Economics), he started by doing small interactive, data-driven applications for Le Monde in Paris in 2009. He then built the data journalism team at OWNI in 2010 before co-founding and managed Journalism++ from 2011 to 2017.

Nicolas is also one of the main contributors to the Datajournalism Handbook, the reference book for the popularization of data journalism worldwide.

Basic information

Nicolas Kayser-Bril
Data journalism

Supported projects

Automated discrimination

  • Data Journalism

Facebook and Google let advertisers target the audience they want to reach, that much is known. Less known is that both platforms perform another round of targeting, irrespective of the advertiser's wishes. 

Online dating: a separate universe for men and women

  • Data Journalism
  • Industry

BERLIN - Are online dating applications designed to make us react in a certain way? Why do men do not attract enough attention and women increasingly receive insults and inappropriate messages? Our grantees, Judith Duportail and Nicolas Kayser-Bril, investigated how the architecture of a dating application influences how users behave. 

Turkish Puppets

  • Politics

DITIB is a cultural-religious organisation for Turks in Europe. Or so it claims. In reality, it is a political body whose strings are pulled directly by Ankara. DITIB serves to promote the Turkish ruling party AKP in Europe and to push Turk-Europeans to toe the line dictated by Erdogan.

The Migrants Files: Follow The Money

  • Data Journalism
  • Human Rights
  • Migration

BRUSSELS - Refugees and migrants spend over €1 billion a year to reach Europe. Europeans pay a similar amount to keep them out. A few companies benefit handsomely in the process. The hope business is cruel—and highly lucrative.

The Belarus Networks

  • Corruption
  • Economy
  • Politics

MINSK - Since 1994, Belarussian president Lukashenko and his close entourage grabbed an estimated $10 billion from the Belarussian people. This investigation maps the money flows of the Belarussian elite.

The Migrants Files

  • Data Journalism
  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Politics

The Migrants Files is a project by a European consortium of journalists that aims at precisely assessing the number of men, women and children that died as a result of EU Member States migration policies.