Job Van Nieuwenhove is a Belgian freelance journalist, editor and documentary maker.

He went undercover as a bike messenger working for Deliveroo to explore the working conditions. The Tour of Rwanda is my first documentary for national television. I am interested in little stories on the world stage. 

Basic information

Job Van Nieuwenhove
storytelling, documentary, undercover

Supported projects

Congo Motherland

  • Migration

GOMBE - Is return an answer to racism? Youth worker, activist and opinion maker Don Pandzou (34), a Belgian youngster with Congolese roots, finds out. Growing up in Belgium was not an easy experience for Don. Racism and discrimination left emotional scars.

The Tour of Rwanda

  • Sport

RWANDA - The Tour of Rwanda is the biggest cycling event on the african continent. In an eight day race it winds through all four provinces of Rwanda. The Tour has been won all four years by the host country, providing a platform to make an international name for Rwandan cyclists.