RWANDA - The Tour of Rwanda is the biggest cycling event on the african continent. In an eight day race it winds through all four provinces of Rwanda. The Tour has been won all four years by the host country, providing a platform to make an international name for Rwandan cyclists.

It is not simply a fascinating race, it also acts as a medium to explore deeper themes about culture,  struggle, and unity. It is the story of a country putting behind its dark past to come together and unite under a banner of national pride.

In the documentary we delve into the smaller stories of aspiring riders and families, and how the race impacts them. Through these stories we will examine how the Tour is unique for Rwandans, what it means in the context of the genocide, and how it gives the country a passion to be on par with the greats in cycling.

Team members

Job Van Nieuwenhove

Job Van Nieuwenhove is a Belgian freelance journalist, editor and documentary maker.

A working grant of € 3.000 allocated on 8/07/2018.


De Ronde van Rwanda, Vranckx & De Nomaden (VRT Canvas), 23/02/2019. 

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