Gian-Paolo Accardo is an Italian-Dutch journalist based in Brussels and Paris.

A law graduate, he is VoxEurop’s executive editor, VoxEurop European Co-operative Society’s co-founder and CEO, and the European Data Journalism Network editorial coordinator. A former deputy editor-in-chief at Presseurop and Courrier international, he works as a correspondant for Internazionale, after having done the same job for Italy’s TMNews press agency. He lives between Paris and Brussels.

Gian-Paolo Accardo

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Gian-Paolo Accardo
data journalist

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Carmakers strike back: How they lobbied down new EU emissions rules

  • Corruption
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Transport

BRUSSELS – A team of investigative journalists led by Voxeurop carried out a cross-border investigation into how the European automotive industry lobby managed to weaken the Euro 7 regulation on new motor vehicle emissions standards.

Lucifer's Spell

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SARDINIA - EVIA - The Mediterranean basin is a hotspot of the climate crisis, with average temperatures rising above global trends. Heat waves, droughts and a combination of anthropogenic factors are provoking new generations of wildfires that are devastating for ecosystems and for human societies.

The Top 100 European Places Where Dieselgate Kills the Most

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

BRUSSELS - Excess diesel emissions produce a tiny portion of harmful dusts. Yet, they cause dozens of deaths in Europe’s highly populated road traffic hotspots. The fact that they have such a high health impact despite their relatively small contribution to overall pollution reveals how seriously air contamination threatens our lives.