WORLD - Everyday, 30 species of insects disappear from the face of the planet. A quarter of European invertebrates are now on the verge of extinction and, in some areas, the reduction in insect biomass reached 75 per cent in just 27 years.

To understand how this affects mankind we travelled to Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain. And, in all geographies, scientists seem to agree that a biodiversity catastrophe is underway. ‘Insect decline: micro-story of a global disaster’ tells us how phenomenons like droughts, forest fires, agriculture plagues are also a consequence of insect decline. How we can be facing a rise in food costs. But it also explains that biologists are running against the clock to reverse the invisible tragedy that is happening in plain sight.

This series of articles were made with the support of The Earth Investigations Programme of Journalismfund Europe.



 German-Portuguese Journalism Award 2023, 2nd prize.

Team members

Sanne Derks

Sanne Derks is an independent award-winning documentary photojournalist based In the Netherlands.

Sanne Derks

Ricardo J. Rodrigues

Ricardo J. Rodrigues is a Portuguese journalist based in Luxembourg.

Ricardo Da Silva Rodrigues

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