Sanne Derks is an independent award-winning documentary photojournalist and National Geographic Explorer based In the Netherlands, mainly focusing on social documentary projects in Latin America.

Topics of interest are climate change resilience, solutions focused journalism, housing-, water-, and reproductive rights. Her background in Cultural Anthropology is  (Ph.D.) is shaping her practice.

Her work is published in international media such as The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, National Geographic and El País.

Sanne Derks

Basic information

Sanne Derks
Documentary photojournalist
social issues in Latin-America and Spain

Supported projects

Insect decline: micro-story of a global disaster

  • Environment

WORLD - Everyday, 30 species of insects disappear from the face of the planet. A quarter of European invertebrates are now on the verge of extinction and, in some areas, the reduction in insect biomass reached 75 per cent in just 27 years.