EUROPE - Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has upended decades of energy policy and a long-term dependence on Russian gas. Across Europe, governments are scrambling to find alternate energy supplies for the coming winter. 

This investigative series looks at how the energy and climate crises intersect, with a focus on Italy and Germany, the European countries traditionally most reliant on Russian gas. We examine the close ties between the gas industry and government in these countries, and how these relationships are evolving at this critical juncture.

As governments bail out energy companies and fast-track liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, fossil gas is fast gaining a new status as the necessary fuel for ‘energy security’, while at the same time, being promoted as a ‘green’ fuel and part of the solution to the climate crisis. This series examines whether there is a broader coordinated push to exploit the current crisis to lock in gas  for the long term – and who might be behind it. 

Team members

Phoebe Cooke

Phoebe Cooke is a climate journalist based in London.

Phoebe Cooke

Stella Levantesi

Stella Levantesi is an Italian freelance climate journalist, photographer, and author.

Stella Levantesi

Matthew Green

Matthew Green is a climate journalist based in London.

Matthew Green - ©Kate Hold

Maura Sanchez

Maura Sanchez is a Spanish fundraiser based in London.

Maura Sanchez


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