Maura Sanchez is a Spanish fundraiser based in London.

Maura works as Desmog’s Grants and Development Manager, coordinating partner relations and funding for programme implementation.

Previously, she worked in freedom of expression and human rights at PEN International, and her experience includes working at the secretariat of the European Medicines Agency.

Maura holds an undergraduate and master’s degree in Art History and additional postgraduate degrees in Ancient History and Art Valuation.

Maura Sanchez

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Maura Sanchez
fundraising, operations, governance, finance
United Kingdom

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How the Gas Lobby Aims to Lock in Europe’s Fossil Fuel Addiction

  • Energy
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EUROPE - Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has upended decades of energy policy and a long-term dependence on Russian gas. Across Europe, governments are scrambling to find alternate energy supplies for the coming winter.