BUDAPEST - In our articles, we were able to map the institutional background of how the sexual violence committed against a 15-year-old former foster child was covered up at a church-run institution.

A Living Saint: A Friar with Nationalist Ambitions and Greedy Educators Facilitate Child Abuse
in a Minority Community

It is an orphanage managed by the St. Francis Foundation located in Deva, Romania, and how other children were neglected and abused, as well as the responsibility the foundation has in this. The colleagues of this institution have assisted in this, with special respect to the Franciscan monk Csaba Böjte, who heads the foundation and who is connected to Viktor Orbán.

At the same time, our articles address the fact that the foundation receives significant public money from Hungary, and that it managed to increase its subsidies in the past year despite the fact that last year we published articles about the structural problems that led to the foundation becoming the site of Romania's biggest pedophile scandal. The financial situation of the foundation is blatantly non-transparent, our articles highlight that, although the foundatio's main profile is helping poor children, the focus is increasingly placed on economic activities and real estate accumulation, all while the children are not provided with adequate care.

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Tünde Szabó

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