ITALY - In 2015, in Indonesia, the Corruption Eradication Commission (Kpk) conducted an investigation into the purchase of an AW101 helicopter from AgustaWestland, now part of Leonardo Spa.

That helicopter would correspond to an old model that Leonardo, then Finmeccanica, had tried to sell to India in 2013. In that case, the deal failed due to a case of corruption involving representatives of the Italian company and several Indian generals. 

In this case, the price of the helicopter was allegedly inflated so that air force officers could benefit financially from it. Among those named in the Kpk investigation (neither investigated nor charged) are both Indonesian Air Force General Agus Supriatna and Lorenzo Pariani, at the time head of Leonardo's AgustaWestland helicopter division for South-East Asia. Businessman Irfan Kurnia Saleh, who acted 'as if he had a contract' with the Italian company, Indonesian court documents say, was sentenced for corruption to ten years in prison. He was the only defendant in the trial.

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