TOUVRE (IVORY COAST) - There is an increased demand for minerals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium. These minerals are used to make electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and electric vehicles - technologies which are deemed essential to the 'green transition'. However, the increase in demand has led to new pressures for communities around the world that live alongside these minerals.

 Who are Ivory Coast’s new lithium miners?

As miners push to develop mines for the ‘green economy’ resources such as lithium are bringing strain and uncertainty for rural West Africans, their livelihoods and their environments.

In a project supported by the Journalismfund Europe, we investigated how the drive for lithium was causing conflict and crop destruction in rural communities across West Africa. While many remain largely hopeful that any future mines will bring jobs and opportunities, particularly for the young, experts raise doubts about the ability for such projects to make a significant impact.

Team members

Alix Smidman

Alix Smidman is a British investigative researcher.

Jack Wolf

Jack Wolf is an investigative researcher, filmmaker and artist living in Berlin.

Jack Wolf

Noel Konan

Noel Konan is an investigative journalist based in Cote d’Ivoire


Raf Custers

Raf Custers (°1954) is a Belgian historian and journalist. 

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