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Killing krill: supermarkets and salmon farms under fire

EDINBURGH - Leading supermarkets and salmon farming companies have been accused of “plundering” the Antarctic for krill and depriving whales, seals and penguins of food.

The dam and the drought

ALENTEJO - It hasn't been this dry in Portugal for a thousand years. But in the Alentejo, there have long been debates about the right way to farm in times of drought and record temperatures. This is mainly due to a dam that is supposed to provide sufficient water.

Sources, Security, and Storytelling: online course series for investigative journalists reporting on climate change in the Western Balkans

  • Environment

This project is providing online training tools in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-Montenegrian (BCSM) which will enable investigative journalists to upskill with regards to reporting on environmental issues.

Hard Drug Consumers FInd Gateway to New Shelter

  • Healthcare
  • Science

BRUSSELS - With a delay of more than 6 months, the drug use space GATE opened its doors in the Belgian capital on May 5, 2022.

The "Chicken Factory" of Vodňany and the Czech Embassy in Hanoi

  • Exploitation
  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

VODNANY - In Babiš's poultry factories, there was an organized violation of the labor code, while the management of the poultry factories could not help but know that they were cooperating with the underworld in the exploitation of Vietnamese workers.

Reporting on environmental risks resulting from the war in Ukraine

  • Armed conflict
  • Environment

KYIV - Journalismfund.eu supports Internews Ukraine for a project that aims to increase the awareness of the public and decision makers in Ukraine and in Europe about ecological issues emerging from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Great Belgian hunger for Zeeland's farmland

  • Agriculture

ZEELAND - To whom does the Dutch province of Zeeland belong? Partly to Belgians, who own up to a fifth of the agricultural land in the southernmost part of the province. The Dutch research collective Spit and the Belgian platform Apache went in search of the large landowners and answered the question: why are they active there?

The Loggin Business

  • Energy

The price of energy from woody biomass.

The Human Cost of G4S' Watch

  • Security
  • Technology

LJUBLJANA - What is the cost of security companies, such as G4S? One way of calculating the harm is counting the dead and the injured. 

The dark trace in the water of the cheap meat big business

  • Environment

Aragón (Spain), Herefordshire (United Kingdom) and Lower Saxony (Germany) have become areas with a very high density of intensive farms. An international investigation reveals the dynamics behind the expansion and the pollution of rivers, aquifers and even tap water that it brought along.