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The Toxic Side of Palm Oil Production

  • climate
  • Environment
  • Exploitation
  • Healthcare

KALIMANTAN – This investigation reveals how EU-banned pesticides are dumped in Indonesia, disrupting Borneo ecosystem, and communities’ livelihood.

The Alien Fish Causing Havoc in the Mediterranean

  • climate
  • Environment
  • Fishing industry

CATANIA — Almost 1000 alien marine species, many dangerous and extremely invasive, are spreading quickly across the world’s fastest-warming sea, the Mediterranean.

UK Diamond Company Linked to Pollution

  • Environment

MOKHOTLONG – This investigation focuses on the mining activities of Letseng Diamond Mine, a subsidiary of GEM-Diamonds, a diamond company based in Lesotho, Southern Africa that has been linked to water pollution in the area despite winning climate awards.

Uncertain Waters: the Future of the Świnoujście Mega-Port Project

  • Environment
  • Transport

SWINOUJSCIE –  What are the implications of building a deep-sea container terminal on the German-Polish border in the middle of nature conservation areas? The investigation reveals that the environmental risks of this project are largely underestimated. 

Football’s Carbon Footprint: Burning Up the Planet in Search of Fans and Money

  • Environment
  • Sport
  • Transport

LONDON – This is a cross-border investigation by five journalists into how the world’s most popular sport is creating a huge carbon footprint and relying on the fossil fuel industry in a never-ending search for more money and more fans.

Big Tobacco's Beyond Nicotine Strategy

  • Environment
  • Science

LONDON - The four largest tobacco companies have invested billions of dollars into companies that produce medicines or medical products.

Follow The Money

Long Shadow - Life Under the Veiled Grasp of Factory Farming in Europe

BRUSSELS - 142 million pigs, 76 million bovine heads, 62 million sheep, and 12 million goats, and counting: this is the invisible yearly population of farmed animals that live and die on the production line in Europe. Industrial livestock farming across Europe is causing widespread environmental degradation and serious damage to the health of people living in close proximity to factory farms.

The Phosphates Paradox

  • climate
  • Environment
  • Industry

GAFSA – Phosphate rocks, rich is phosphorus, are the basis for most fertilisers. With growing demand for food worldwide and a growing need for fertilizers, phosphates are quickly becoming
one of the most disputed minerals. One of the crucial phosphate basins is located in southern Tunisia — the EU growing fertilisers market is drying up the area.

Kazabula oyé, who are the Congolese mineral divers in the midst of the green transition?

They call themselves kazabuleurs. In the late 1980s, Zairean fishermen dived for diamonds, first near Tshikapa and then on the Angolan border during the civil war.

Danube Deceptions: Tracking Russian Disinformation in Austria

  • Data Journalism
  • Politics

VIENNA - Austria: the land of towering mountains, muscle-bound movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger  and - let's not forget - the world's unrivalled apple strudels.

Zofia Ciołek