ETHIOPIA/UK - Fisseha was born in Eritrea and grew up in Ethiopia. After his father passed away, his uncle takes care of him. Tensions break out in the region and Fisseha and his uncle are no longer safe because of their beliefs.

Their departure from Ethiopia is the start of a long journey for Fisseha, who is called Fish along the way. He survives the ordeals of the Sahara and the multi-day trip by sea in a rickety boat, after which he embarks on a new hell of a journey through Europe.

Many wanderings later, Fish eventually ends up in a fishing village in southern England where he dreams of studying and becoming a nurse.

Missing file.

"You cannot stay in your country even though it is there that your heart lives.
Fish cross seas and oceans,
birds fly from one continent to another,
but for people the road is long and there are many obstacles.
You try. It is good to try.
Trying is living. "

Team members

Laura Zuallaert

Laura Zuallaert is a Belgian documentary maker.

€ 8,500 allocated on 06/05/2019.


Fish, Vranckx, Canvas/VRT (Belgian public broadcaster), 22/06/2019.

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