CAÏRO - With the war in the Gaza Strip, negotiations on a billion-dollar deal between the European Union (EU) and Egypt gained momentum. In exchange for more financial support, the EU wants Egypt to keep its borders tightly guarded. The EU envisions a "golden age" of cooperation with Egypt. 

However, this cooperation has serious downsides. Several parties argue that the EU is further empowering Egypt's authoritarian regime and contributing to an insecure political situation in the country. The EU's heavy focus on stopping migration gives Egypt a strong bargaining chip. In addition, Christian Achrainer, researcher at the Roskilde University and Egypt expert, (CEIP) argues, the EU is turning a blind eye to the human rights violations committed by Egyptian authorities, because more priority is given to stability in the region than to the welfare of migrants.

An author known to Fund Pascal Decroos collaborated on this article alongside Emma Pieters. For security reasons, this author wishes to remain anonymous.

Team members

Emma Pieters

Emma Pieters is a Dutch journalist who divides her time between Egypt and the Netherlands. 

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