'The Channel: Lost at Sea' will tell the stories of those who have gone missing while making the crossing by small boat from France to the UK.

We will look at who they are, why they boarded dinghies and what happened to them, tracking their last known steps and speaking to their loved ones who are still waiting for answers, months and sometimes years later.

Team members

Nicola Kelly

Nicola Kelly is a journalist based in the United Kingdom

Maïa Courtois

Maïa Courtois is a freelance journalist based in France.

Simon Mauvieux

Simon Mauvieux is a freelance journalist based in France. 

Maël Galisson

Maël Galisson is a multimedia journalist based in Paris. 

Maël Galisson

Valentina Camu

Born in Genoa, Italy, Valentina Camu is a photojournalist based in Paris since 2007.

Valentina Camu

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