BRUSSELS-AMSTERDAM - The Jehovah's Witnesses are a large global church community that most people know from their door-to-door visits, and in recent years in the spotlight because of allegations of child abuse and the exclusion of former members.

But how do they manage their financial activities received from gifts and donations to keep themselves afloat, and what do they do with the money collected?

A cross-border team of journalists went looking for answers from Belgium and the Netherlands to shed some light into the closed financial box of the Jehovah's Witnesses and spoke with former members.

Tax advantages, an ingenious business model and total control from above lead the team to eight men in America who claim to have the voice of God.

Team members

Sofia Van Nuffel

Sofia Van Nuffel is a Belgian freelance investigative journalist.

Sofia Van Nuffel

Wil Van der Schans

Wil Van der Schans is an investigative journalist, based in The Netherlands.

€5.000 allocated on 08/12/2021




  • De geldstromen van Jehova - HUMO, published on 26/07/2022

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