BRUSSELS - A lot goes wrong with our tax collection. There are so many loopholes that the tax authorities collect a lot less than what the state is entitled to. This is one of the reasons why the government has to borrow and why we have a large national debt.

What makes it worse is that tax evasion is very unevenly distributed. In practice, the opposite of the official philosophy of our tax system applies: the strongest shoulders carry the smallest burden.

The long-awaited memoirs about the shortcomings of our tax system by Karel Anthonissen, former regional director of the BBI/Bijzondere Belastingsinspectie (Special Tax Inspectorate).

Team members

Wim Van den Eynde

Wim Van den Eynde (1966) is Belgian television journalist for Pano (CANVAS, VRT).

€5.000 allocated on 5/06/2019.

BOOK (in Dutch)

Title: Acher de schermen van de BBI
Subtitle: De memoires van een caractériel
Authors: Karel Antonissen, Wim Van den Eynde
Pages: 280
Date of publication: 23/06/2020
EAN: 9789401468428
Editor: Kritak


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