TUNIS - Since the 2011 Revolution for Dignity and Freedom, the European Union and individual member states have funded the Tunisian security apparatus with more than 500 millions euros.

It is an effort to flank the reform process and to end the despot Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali's system of control and repression and support the new democratic system. Today, the path of democratic transition has been interrupted by President of the Republic Kais Saied, who has taken a new authoritarian turn in the country. 

While the reforms advocated by the European Union have never been completed, repression by the Ministry of Interior has increased instead. Through the stories of those who suffered police violence. Money and Repression is a project by Giovanni Culmone, Matteo Garavoglia and Haïfa Mzalouat that investigates European security funding in what is now called a "police state."

Photo by Giovanni Culmone

Team members

Matteo Garavoglia

Matteo Garavoglia is a freelance journalist based between Italy and Tunisia.

Matteo Garavoglia

Giovanni Culmone

Giovanni Culmone is a photographer and filmmaker based in Rome.

Giovanni Culmone

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