Telex is a Hungarian news portal. The site is published by Van Másik Kft., which is owned by Márton Kárpáti. Both Munk and Kárpáti were deputy editors in chief of until July 2020.

In the month after the announcement, was started with an intro video in which Munk outlined the plans for the news portal and asked for donations. The reason for the creation of a new news portal was that in August 2020 the editor in chief, the two deputy editors in chief and almost 90 employees left Index after being unable to work with the new owners. Many of the employees that left went on to join Telex. The site started from donations, although there are plans to convert it to a subscription-based site. (Wikipedia)


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Are Hungarian Public Funds Being Invested in a Romanian Village?

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SZEKLERLAND - While most of the municipalities in the region face the problems including a lack of infrastructure, there is one municipality where millions of euros have been invested in recent years.

Helga Toth / Transtelex