01 - 03.12.2023, All day

It is no longer possible for a single investigative journalist or a fact-checker to create an impactful investigative story solo. Cross border collaboration is the key.

It has become essential for any investigative work that aims to create a positive impact on people's lives. Furthermore, combating false and misleading information is no longer possible within the confines of a single state, and cross-border collaboration has become essential for an independent and effective media that seeks credible information. However, cross-border collaboration operates in a fragmented world, dominated by exclusion, hate speech, corruption, and injustice. Borders, visas, and practices against human rights act as fundamental obstacles to accountability, transparency, and democracy.

Therefore, this year's ARIJ 16th Annual Forum is held under the theme that reflects these ideas: "Cross Border Collaboration in a Fragmented World". It emphasises the importance of collaboration and joining efforts among countries that support democracy and human rights, as well as independent institutions, initiatives, and individuals with the goal of enhancing collaboration, sharing experiences, skills, solidarity, and support. Cross border collaboration among journalists, fact-checkers, and whistleblowers, as adopted by ARIJ , aims to play a pivotal role in the Arab world in uncovering corruption that many try to cover up, as well as achieving a deeper understanding of different societies and cultures.

With the developments in technology, especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies into newsrooms, the need for collaboration between media institutions, technology companies, developers, and designers has become a necessity. In the context of a clear ethical system, it is significant to reach optimal solutions to facilitate the work of journalists and fact-checkers across borders in accessing, collecting, verifying, analysing, building and delivering information to target audiences who suffer from a crisis of trust in content production.

In this year's edition of ARIJ Forum, we aim to expand the horizons of collaboration between the Arab investigative journalism community and other communities worldwide, and to learn about diverse experiences in investigation, fact-checking, and reporting. We aim also at ensuring the physical, digital, mental, legal, and career safety of journalists and their families and sources in the face of increasing risks and threats..

ARIJ Forum is the largest annual event for independent media in the Arab world, focusing on honing the skills of journalists and fact-checkers in conducting investigative journalism and exploring new tools and the latest trends in the investigative media field.

It is also an opportunity to network with journalists, fact-checkers, lawyers, Arab and international media institutions, technology companies, and universities, especially professors and students of media, with supporters, decision-makers, diplomats, researchers, and thinkers. ARIJ Forum is a golden opportunity to train journalists and fact-checkers and develop their skills so that they can carry out their role in consolidating the principles of democracy, transparency, accountability, and the rule of law in a region that tops the list of the most dangerous areas for journalists.

More info: arij23.arij.net