AFRICA – Benon Herbert Oluka, GIJN Africa editor, selected 10 investigative stories that GIJN considers to be among the very best by sub-Saharan African journalists in 2021. Two of them were supported by Journalismfund.eu.

The first story is Hard Labour: How a lack of regulation puts Kenyan surrogates at risk, a two-part series investigation. For this investigation, a reporter went undercover for months, posing as a parent keen to commission a surrogate pregnancy &, later, as a candidate willing to birth a child for prospective parents. The second investigation is Garbage Out, Garbage In: How Europe’s e-waste problem is a burden on Africa, conducted by a team of journalists in Ghana and Cameroon. This story exposed the same environmental problem: the growing extent to which Africa has become a convenient dumping ground for electronic waste from other parts of the world. Both investigations were supported by Money Trail Grant Programme

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