BRUSSELS - Yesterday, the General Assembly of Journalismfund.eu vzw decided to change the name of the organisation.

From now on, the organisation will be called Journalismfund Europe to communicate its focus in a broader spectrum than the countries of the European Union. In fact, this is not new. Since 2009, when the organisation first launched the European cross-border grants programme, we have always strived to promote living democracies across the entire European continent through supporting in-depth journalism. Therefore, the name change better reflects our long-standing ambition to promote the inclusion of all European countries and also underlines our independence from governments and thus from the EU.

Journalismfund is hiring

Journalismfund is hiring a Project Coordinator


BRUSSELS - Journalismfund is hiring a Project Coordinator for its European Cross-border programme.

Freezing peat mining permits in Estonia


TALLINN - Following an investigation on the environmental damage caused by the peat mining industry in the Baltics, the Estonian Ministry of Climate is considering to suspend the issuance of new peat mining permits and freeze the extension of old permits until the new climate law is enacted.