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Voxeurop is an independent online media outlet. It is the first such publication to be managed by a European press cooperative. We are a community of journalists, editors, translators, media partners, loyal readers and members from over 30 countries.

Voxeurop has built up a pan-European network of journalists, press translators, correspondents, press cartoonists and photojournalists. Many of them are shareholders of our European cooperative society.



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Carmakers strike back: How they lobbied down new EU emissions rules

  • Corruption
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Transport

BRUSSELS – A team of investigative journalists led by Voxeurop carried out a cross-border investigation into how the European automotive industry lobby managed to weaken the Euro 7 regulation on new motor vehicle emissions standards.

How 'green' investments are financing big carbon

  • Energy
  • Environment

MILAN - Asset management companies in Europe are using semantic tricks and regulatory loopholes to sell 'green' investments that actually fund the hydrocarbon industry. Italy's Eurizon, a subsidiary of Intesa SanPaolo, is a case in point. 

Lucifer's Spell

  • Environment

SARDINIA - EVIA - The Mediterranean basin is a hotspot of the climate crisis, with average temperatures rising above global trends. Heat waves, droughts and a combination of anthropogenic factors are provoking new generations of wildfires that are devastating for ecosystems and for human societies.

Soy traders and EU food brands fuel deforestation in Argentina

  • Agriculture
  • Environment

CHACO – A cross-border investigation conducted by Voxeurop and Periodistas por el Planeta reveals that livestock farms in Italy and Spain, two major meat exporters across Europe, as well as iconic food brands are indirectly linked to deforestation in the Chaco province in Argentina.