Spektr.Press is a media outlet based in Riga, Latvia covering all topics related to social and political issues in Russia and across the Eastern European countries. 

We extensively cover war in Ukraine and all the political, social and economic consequences of this war. We investigated in-depth the ecological crisis in Donbass and largely established our position as a key expert media in covering the Donbass crisis at large for over several years. Eastern European regional geo-politics and relationships between the Western world and Russia are also within the scope of our media. 

Besides, we especially focus on the Russian-speaking community in the Baltics and in Europe. In terms of formats, we provide news coverage, interviews, in-depth analytical author expert publications, reports from war-torn regions and from distant regions of Russia, Ukraine and other countries. We produce video short documentaries, animated video explainers, audio podcasts on fakes about the war. We also plan to launch a YouTube show and a TikTok channel on the Russian geopolitics in English. We are especially known for our social researches together with the leading local Polling companies.

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Who is Who: Volunteers and Mercenaries of the Ukrainian War

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KYIV - "Spektr.Press" presents a Project 'Private War', which is combined of a series of publications about foreigners who decided to participate in the military conflict in Ukraine.

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