Inside Story is an exclusively digital subscription-based media outlet that publishes investigative and in-depth journalism. The emphasis is on original, long-form reporting and explanatory journalism.

It reports on issues of everyday life, presenting the story behind the news to expose its implications, understand the connections, and ultimately, acknowledge what is going on.

Inside Story was launched in 2016, aiming to restore the lost trust in the media and introduce a business model characterised by community connection, transparency, and quality research in the Greek journalism ecosystem. It promotes practices and methods of participatory and engaged journalism.

Since then more than 4,000 long-form articles and investigations on issues of public interest and related to politics, international relations, economy, culture, and many other matters have been published.


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Vardar/Axios: A River in Distress

  • Environment

SKOPJE / THESSALONIKI -  Investigative teams from IRL in North Macedonia and Inside Story in Greece secured and analyzed thousand of pages of documents, interviewed tens of stakeholders and authorities and surveyed the Axios/Vardar basin and its facilities in order to identify the environmental pressures on the river and expose the reasons behind them.  

fishermen huts in the estuary near Chalastra in Greece