Danwatch is a Danish award-winning independent media and research centre specialized in investigative journalism on global issues. We investigate states’ and companies’ impacts on human rights and the environment, and hold power to account in the public interest.

Through our in-depth journalistic investigations we address structural problems and uncover the truth behind, with no corporate or political agenda. Our subjects are often highly complex and span many different countries and sectors, but through fact-based, unbiased reporting, we expose systemic wrongs, counter misinformation and provoke change.

Our investigations focus on serious issues affecting our society and can last many months with very thorough desk research combined with fieldwork in multiple countries. Often we work together with local journalists in cross-border collaborative, and have build up a very strong network of investigating journalists, local media, CSO, contacts and whistleblowers in several countries.

We collaborate national and internationally with major mainstream media and broadcasters (DR, Politiken, TV2 The Guardian, Aljazeera among others), which secure that our journalism, is reaching as many people as possible. And our investigations have appeared in major newspapers, broadcasters and news outlets around the world. Our belief is that independent journalism is a crucial part of any democracy. Our journalism help the public to better understand our world, give a voice to the voiceless, and hold states, investors and companies with power to account.

Our journalistic investigations have prompted political inquiries and hearings both national and international and have influenced policy changes at some of the biggest multinational companies.

We tell the stories that matter.

Interim Editor-in-chief, Jakob Sloma Damsholt, together with director and responsible editor-in-chief, Jesper Nymark, make up Danwatch’s editorial management.


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Build Back Better? 10 Years After Typhoon Haiyan

  • Corruption
  • Environment

TACLOBAN - Almost a decade after typhoon Yolanda devastated parts of the Philippines in 2023, no less than Tacloban City’s own mayor has said that 70% of the houses given to Yolanda survivors by the government are “substandard.”

philippines 10 years later typhoon

Behind the smokescreen

  • Agriculture
  • Exploitation
  • Industry

BRASILIA - The investigation reveals the environmental and health impacts faced by local Brazilian farmers due to tobacco production sold to European and North American multinational companies.

Glencore: 'we were not aware'

  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Industry

EL CERREJÓN — Glencore, the world's largest mining company, has a long story of corruption, human rights violation and environmental damage. This investigation looks at the scale of  the environmental disaster that Glencore's mine in Colombia causes for the local area.

Two Danish power plants pollute Lebanese tourist gems

BEIRUT - In the last decade, Denmark has promoted itself as a green frontrunner. But the investigation shows how Denmark is not only exporting windmills and green know-how, it has also supported and built polluting power plants outside its own borders.