KARACHI - Top clothing brands in the EU are hesitant to fully eliminate child and bonded labor from their supply chain from Pakistan, one of the biggest producers of cotton and one of the biggest largest textile exporters to the EU, 

As the European Union is on the way to approving key pieces of legislation cracking down on modern slavery from its consumer products, top clothing brands are still unwilling to fully remove from their supply chain child and bonded labour which continue to be a widespread scourge in cotton farming Pakistan.

The European Commission has recently decided to extend to Pakistan its duty-free trade regime. This was first introduced in 2013, under the condition that Pakistan would enforce the international labour standards and abolish any form of work exploitation. However, ten years later evidence shows that there is no real progress.

Photo credit © Shahzeb Jillani

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Stefano Valentino

Stefano Valentino is an Italian freelance journalist.

Stefano Valentino

Shahzeb Jillani

Shahzeb Jillani is a journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Shahzeb Jillani
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