Žarka Radoja (Serbia) is in journalism for more then two decades.

She worked for warrious media in postYugoslav space. For last 12 years she was a web editor for Balkan service of Radio Free Europe. With her colleague Dušan Komarčević she is co-owner of a small, regional media outlet kontrapress.com. 

She is also co-author of the radio show about travel with Aleksandar Obradovic at RadioAparat.rs VIDI IMA LI TI OVO SMISLA. Her work is mostly focused on migration, human rights, postconflict society and propaganda. 

She was the editor of the book on integrity in journalism in the Western Balkans (CZKD, 2020.) and the author of the chapter on propaganda against migrants and refugees in the book “Forced Migration and Social Trauma” (Routledge 2018). 

With colleagues from BiH, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia she did a reaserch about working conditions of journalists “Invisible violence: Stories from the newsrooms”. 

She was a fellow of the two-month IJP program in the newsroom of TAZ Berlin and Dart Center of the Columbia University in Amman, Jordan about covering Children and the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

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Žarka Radoja
Migration, Post-conflict Society and Human Rights

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