Vasiliki Grammatikogianni is a freelance journalist with a background in environmental, social and European issues. 

She based in Athens and for 14 years she writes an environmental column in Athens Voice newspaper and site. The column’s name is EcoVoice. Also she writes in a daily newspaper in Greece called Efimerida Syntakton (EfSyn). 

Environmental issues like climate change and environmental refugees, sustainable cities and energy efficiency, biodiversity and natural resources, solidarity and vulnerable groups of people are some of her subjects. Good practices of society and NGO’s around the world are under her consideration as well. 

Furthermore the economic crises -back in 2008- has created the need of bringing Europeans citizens closer to each other. For this reason Vasiliki Grammatikogianni created a column in EfSyn which has a fundamental aim to inform Greek people about European issues and also understanding for the other EU Member States. Social change issues are in her interest. 

In the past cooperated with a lot of Greek newspapers and magazines. 

In addition, she honored with two journalism awards for her contribution in environmental issues. 

Vasiliki Grammatikogianni

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Vasiliki Grammatikogianni
Freelance Journalist

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Grabbing Profit from Forgotten Lands

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TARANTO - "When you offer a farmer 10,000 euros for a piece of land, it is like a godsend."

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