Sean has worked as a journalist with The Shift since 2022 after graduating with honours from the University of Malta in Communications. He has an interest in investigative journalism, environmental and social issues, politics and media theory.

The Shift is a community-funded online news portal based in Malta and founded in 2017 by managing editor Caroline Muscat. It is dedicated to investigative journalism and the defence of press freedom with its investigations focusing on the rule of law, good governance, media literacy and transparency. Its work is driven by the hope of leading to a fairer, more democratic society.

Sean Montebello

Basic information

Sean Montebello
Investigative journalist
environmental and social issues, politics and media theory

Supported projects

Hunting in Malta: The ‘way of life’ that robs the rest of Europe

  • Corruption
  • Environment

GOZO – A year-long collaborative investigation by The Shift and environmental journalist Thomas Krumenacker has established a pattern of vote-buying politics favouring the Maltese hunting lobby and directly leading to the degradation of endangered and at-risk bird species hunted in Malta both legally and illegally.