Sara Pinho is a Portugese freelance journalist.

She has worked as an intern at Observador Portuguese online newspaper, wrote for TEMA Magazine, and collaborated on the European Press Prize-awarded Cities for Rent: Investigating Corporate Landlords Across Europe. She recently worked at the European Commission, in DG COMM, on corporate campaigns and disinformation response.

She studied Journalism and has a master’s degree in International Studies.

Sara Pinho

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Sara Pinho

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No Man's Land: Digging for water on the front lines of climate collapse

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ODEMIRA - Faced with poor water management, locals in Portugal, Greece and Romania struggle to keep their farmlands and financially survive, and often resort to extreme solutions to find usable water. Meanwhile local authorities allow big companies to use water irrigation methods that can pose a threat to the nearby communities, the natural habitat and the presence of water in the area as such.

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