Majd Khalifeh is a journalist and documentary maker for VRT News.

He grew up in the Middle East and North Africa and later moved to Belgium. He studied Arabic language and Economics at the KUL and specializes in the conflict in the Middle East and the European refugee crisis. In 2017 his new book Herboren (Reborn) was published by Van Halewyck. In 'Herboren' he takes the reader on a journey through the different steps of his own quest: from newcomer to active citizen.

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Majd Khalifeh
Midden-Oosten, Noord-Afrika

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Northern Lights, at the end of the tunnel

  • Migration

REYKJAVIK - "No one will end up on the streets," Thorir Hall says decidedly. He works for the Red Cross. "In Iceland, sleeping on the streets is not an option." It is a beautiful day today. Outside, it is freezing at minus four. In central Reykjavik, the aid agency has just opened a new emergency shelter. Last year, some 4,000 refugees applied for asylum in the country. It seems a ridiculously small number when compared to countries like Greece, Lebanon or even Belgium, but for Iceland it is 70 times more than a decade ago.

Between freedom and happiness

  • Armed conflict
  • Religion
  • Politics

Journalists Majd Khalifeh and Pieter Stockmans, and photographer Xander Stockmans travel across North Africa and the Middle East for 5 months in search of dreams of freedom and happiness of ordinary people, workers, doctors, activists, young people, imams, priests, professors, trade union leaders, journalists, politicians,... They let the people behind the revolutions speak and share their dreams with Europe.